Computer/IT Projects


Computer/IT Project Category


1. Terminal controller : Remote Desktop using RMI [J2EE]
2. Terminal Controller: Live Desktop [Java]
3. Smart Encryption (Image/ audio / video) with transfer [Java]
4. CASE tools- Computer Aided Software Engineering [Java]
5. Network Health Monitoring [Java - MS SQL]
6. Augmented Reality : Face enabled mouse for disables using motion detection [Java]
7. Java based browser with voice [JAVA]
8. Virtual java Shell [Java]
9. Virtual Environment [Java]
10. Mobile Location based Services with Friend finder [J2me-J2ee-MySQL]
11. Mobile Banking with Billing [j2me - J2EE- MySql]
12. Blue Cards for Payment [J2me - j2EE - MS Sql
13. Image Morphing -- Visible & invisible Watermarking [Java]
14. Mobile based machine control [J2ME - j2EE]
15. Mobile Enabled Campus WI FI Informative System [J2me-J2ee-MySQL]
16. Multi player Tetris Game [j2EE]
17. Mobile Voting with GIS-LBS [J2me-J2ee-MySQL]
18. SMS Cryptography [J2me]
19. M-Commerce - Shopping with LBS [J2me-J2ee-MySQL]
20. Office Wifi automation [J2me-J2ee-MySQL]
21. Data Migration System
22. Independent Data Backup management System
23. Meta Search Engine

------------------------ General Titles----------------
1. Smart Restaurant System using MiFare Cards
2. Bluetooth based attendance
3. Society Automation
4. police station Automation
5. Smart Encrytption system
6. Online Library Mgmt [.NET]
7. Live Desktop :
8. Total business Solution [Java]
9. Total business Solution [VB]
10. Mobile shop Mgmt
11. Clinic Management
12. Mobile Office
13. Bluetooth based Smart Cards
14. Online Job Portal [web java]
15. Mobile Banking
16. Mobile Banking with billing
17. Sports Club Automation [.NET]
18. Secured Mobile Voting[.NET]
19. Multiplex Mgmt & Ticket booking[.NET]
20. Geographical Path Finder h Finder

. Net Project List
1. Speech Enabled Web Browser : Interactive Internet Access for disables [.NET]
2. IRIS enabled UID [MATLAB]
3. Honeypots : implementation of a web based Security analysis tool [PHP - MySQL]
4. Data Compression using HUFFman coding [C]
5. Secured E-Voting--- .NET
6. Decision Support system for resource Utilisation - IEEE [.NET]
7. Path Finder : Simulation of Shortest path Algos with AI [Heuristics] - IEEE [VB]
8. Virtual Class: with audio video conferencing [.NET - MS SQL]
9. Content Based Image Retrieval for Search Engine [.NET - MS SQL]
10. License plate recognition [Matlab or .NET]
11. Image Morphing -- Visible & invisible Watermarking [Java]
12. GSM - controlled remote Network Administration [.NET, AT commands]
13. GSM controlled Home Automation [.NET]
14. Web Analytics [PHP- MySQL]
15. Local train ticketing [ASP.NET MS SQL server]
16. Search Engine with Crawling & Indexing [.NET]
17. Audio Annotation base Video Searching [.NET - Ms SQL Server]
18. Image / FingerPrint Authentication for Mobiles
19. M-Commerce- Location Aware Advertisements - [Android Java, mySQL]
20. Opinion Mining for web search [.NET]
21. Speech Enabled Database operations [.NET]
22. Cloud Enabled Mobile Data Sync [Android, .NET]
23. Application Programming Suite for Clouds. [.NET]
24. Mobile SMS Reader
25. DSS for Clinical / Medical Diagnosis [.NET]
26. Expert System for Agriculture disease [.NET]
27. Training & Placement Automation [.NET]
28. GSM enabled Gas booking [.NET, AT commands]
29. Gesture enabled Applicance control [.NET]
30. Voice Wiki for Android [Android]
31. A Proactive Approach to Preventing Phishing Attacks using AI
32. Spam Filtering Using AI
33. Content Based Images for Mobile devices using Location Info - IEEE [Android]

MATLAB Project
1. Image Restoration using Iterative Wiener Filter.
2. RIVA- Real Time Image Viewing and Acquisition.
3. Facial Recognition
4. Number Plate Recognition.
5. Speaker recognition using MEL frequency
6. Still image compression using JPEG/JPEG 2000.
7. Image Enhancement.
8. Character recognition using ANN (Artificial Neural Network)
9. Error detection in Digital communication (Channel encoder and decoder)
10. ANN based short term load forecasting
11. Automatic speech recognition system to detect fatigue from voice
12. Simulation of Error-coding Techniques in Digital Communication Systems
13. Towards Generating Irrevocable Key For Cryptography From Cancelable Fingerprints
14. Enhancing IRIS feature security with steganography
15. Imitating Robot using Hand Gesture Recognition
16. Image Steganograhpy